I Help Global Leaders

I am the Global Director of NewThing, a catalyst for movements of reproducing churches. This affords me the privilege of working with church leaders all over the world.

I was in the Army, I was in business. I have planted and led churches.

I know I can help you…

Let’s Do Something NEW Together!

I speak to hundreds of church leaders around the world every year. I have traveled to see the church on five continents. I have a diverse background in business and leadership. I have a master’s degree from Wheaton. I am not boasting. In fact, none of this matter if I can’t help you do what God has called you to do. God blesses each of us with experiences and gifts. I have a strong and passionate conviction to serve you as you do new things for the Kingdom. While that could mean lots of things, I have a bias for church planting. New churches are places where people can experience the love and grace of Jesus and join his redemptive mission to the world. I have given my life to this cause and that means help you.

  • You can expect content that is timely and relevant.
  • You can expect honest content.
  • You can expect me to help, when possible. And if I can’t, then I will help you connect to those who can.
  • In the future, I plan to offer coaching, training, and consulting.

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I am dedicated to helping people fulfill their calling.

30 “He must increase, but I must decrease,”

John 3:30

What Can I Do for You?

I know something about you. I know that you are trying to live a life of impact. I know that God has uniquely gifted you and called you to do great things. But sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes your organization gets stuck. I want to help. I can help. I will help.

I want to help you do all God has called you to do for His Kingdom and His Glory. And if I can’t, I am going to connect you with people and resources that can.

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